Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Last Sunday, 20 January 2013

Ja attended Majlis Penganugerahan SM/SSM 2013

SM & SSM  Recognition @ PGRM 20/01/2013

This is the first official event for 2013

The theme colour of course BLACK & RED..
And because Ja bernaung under GLAM..
Pakaian pun kena le GLAM..


Here it is!!

Suka sangat2 manik kat baju Ja nih..Tengok sikit dulu k..

This is my second time attended SM/SSM Award ceremony..

Last September 2012,
 I received my first award as Sales Manager

Memang best sangat!!

Ja dapat first award ni after a few months buat bisnes
Dah dapat naik stage for recognition dari company

Memang bertuah sangat2 under
Green Leaders Group lead by Hanis Haizi

We are using social media marketing
semuanya di hujung jari

Apa kata Ja review about my first SM/SSM event in this beautiful business..

September 2012

This is me...Simple je that time..
Almaklum first time attended company's official event..
Hehe..Saya budak baru belajar!!

With business partners Jue & Anah
Dalam kereta, on our way to Menara PGRM 

Hall & the stage 

With Nadh..Tengah que untuk naik stage

Me & Hanis Haizi 

Me, Hanis & Maznah
Maznah is my very first business partner..
Thanx for coming dear..

 With Cik Cida & teammates

Naa Kamaruddin's Beautiful Circles 

Semuanya happy!!

Ramainya Green Leaders Group!!

Can you spot me??
Hehe..Ja dok depan Hanis je tu..

Lets enjoy our Video from previous SM/SSM award


Go Green Go!

Semua sporting habis!!

The Sales Manager award is just a beginning &
definitely more to come


January 2013

Here on the same stage, at Dewan Wawasan, PGRM

I received my second award as
Senior Sales Manager

More story..
Will update SOON
Muhaniza Zainal

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