Tuesday, 30 October 2012


stands for 
Green Leaders Academy Malaysia
This is a place where everything will be teach on how to do the PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL online business..Thanx to my leader Hanis Haizi and her partner Razali Zain for the great idea!!  After 3 years in the business..Hanis Haizi together with team members officially launched our own Academy under the Green Leaders Group.
GLAM is developed specially for team members. The best part is we are taught on how to do business using social media network..& its free of charge (F.O.C)


My very first time attend class at GLAM on 7 september 2012.  Honestly, bila dah jejak kaki kat sini memang semangat sangat2..Maybe aura from leaders and all business partners..Ye la, dapat ilmu yang fresh..straight from leaders..
Semua sporting abis!!
Time ni, muka Ja nampak penat sangat kan..Ye la..right away from Kelantan..From KB airport - LCCT - TTDI ..But, demi ilmu..sanggup turun & jarak bukan penghalang untuk sama-sama berjaya.

With Hanis, Naa & Syida
Look at our happy faces :)
khusyuk mendengar amanat & kata-kata semangat

2nd time at GLAM for NDO session 
Ja rasa sangat2 bertuah bernaung under Green Leaders Group..coz we have our own academy..GLAM class diadakan setiap Jumaat malam..And this day was chosen purposely to cater business partners  from Pantai Timur including me..See?? Our leaders memang x nak semua ketinggalan kan..So, memang x boleh lah x hadir..Bak kata Hanis..once a month or twice a month pun ok..Yang penting, komitmen..
Let's feel the difference ambiance by attending GLAM
Be apart of our TEAM today!!
Be in the Right Group!
Choose GLAM!!
We will guide you to Succeed!

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