Wednesday, 26 September 2012


Assalam & Hello ladies
Today is my 1st time wearing Premium Beautiful Short Bra..Yes..of course we have the 'short' one..Actually dah lama pun product ni kat pasaran..since July 2011..But..Ja baru je dapatkan ia..
So, this is the one..


Suitable to wear everyday
So..adakah ia berbeza dengan PB Long Bra? The answers are YES & NO..Yupp..bezanya cuma measurement je..Long and Short..But..both provide the SAME BENEFIT! 
PB Short Bra also comes with FIR technology and can fully support your breast

For sangat pakai PB short bra ni..Very comfortable..Ja memang recommend le short bra ni..For PB users, after wearing your Long Bra during the day for 8 hours..boleh pakai short bra pulak after that..
Bagi yang tak nak pakai Long Bra sebab kata x selesa (reality..x benar sama sekali)..Short Bra is the best just like your normal or common can create perfect contour and well balanced posture..
So..everyone out there..spread the beauty of PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL CORSET to your friends and families..
with love,
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