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Naa Kamaruddin is one of the newest CDM in Green Leaders Group..Sebenarnya, Ja cukup kagum dengan semangat Naa..Orangnya kecil molek..Mula-mula Ja jumpa Naa masa Kat GLG Pantai Timur pada 7 July 2012 kat Terengganu..Before that hanya kenal through FB je, baca blog dia, & dengar mcm2 citer psl Naa drpd Cik Juju..  
Ja sampai kat Ri-yaz Heritage & Spa Pulau Duyong almost 12.30..datang dr KB, dekat 2 jam lebih jgk le Cik Juju drive..after registration + enter the conference hall..Tunggu, semua speakers.. B4 start,Ja nak keluar g toilet..(ye la, ntt sayang plak nk keluar kan bila majlis bermula ntt)
Dari jauh, nampak Naa tgh jln sorang2 ke hall..Dalam hati Ja..aku nak tegur ke dia?? Ye la, dua2 x pernah jumpa..x tau nak start camner kan..akhirnya, Ja amik keputusan nk tegur dia dulu.."Hai Naa..Kja ni, biz partner Cik Juju" (aikk..sebenarnya over teruja, coz dapat gak jupe dia)..Dia senyum je..And cakap "Ooo'' masing2 tergamam..Kelakar bila ingat balik..Then, after GLG Gerak Gempur tu..our beautiful circles team dinner kat bwh Jambatan (X igt dah nama restoran tu)..This time around, Ja dpt duduk sebelah Naa...Then we have a wonderful chat..Naa always boost our motivation..Tak rugi tau jumpa dia..WHY??..AURA dia tu..In 1 year dpt jd CDM..
So, kat sini..Ja nak share camne Naa buat keputusan untuk join this beautiful & finally transform her 360 degree..So, here is a her very post entry taken from  Naa's blog
Hmmm..what should I write here, as this is my 1st post! I’m obviously not a blogger, but here I am now ;)

Let’s talk about the BIG decision that I made this past few days. About a month ago, I received an SMS from my former boss (a very kind hearted one..sgt2 baik n berjasa sepanjang bekerja dulu). He was asking whether I’m still searching for a job as his friend from another company searching for a project engineer.

As I called that person, which is the MD, he explained about the position and said “ tak payah interview la, as u are highly recommended by your former boss”.. wow!! apa la yg my ex-boss dah ckp about me..must be a good one! Thank u again boss ;) However, to make it formal, I still need to attend an interview at the office so that at least I have the chance to ‘suai kenal’ with the staffs, the new office environment and to negotiate the salary. Pendekkan cerita, a day after I got the call telling me that I got the job as the project engineer with salary of RM****.

As soon as I got the offer, I searched for a nursery for my 9 months old baby,Danial Ar-Rayyan. Me and hubby was searching for the best one around Ukay Perdana and we found taska young n genius. It is super clean with very good environment and a bit pricy! For the first payment, we have to pay RM880.

This month of February is actually the hardest month of all. We are running out of money after balik Kelantan..and budget for the month dah LARIIII sgt2!! Me and hubby tak penah kering pocket sampai tahap ni..and no one knows how hard our life has become. First time, we have to korek duit tabung and duit raya yg tak habes bagi dekat org last year, just to buy Danial’s formula milk. Makan pon, mmg masak kat rumah..takde mkn luar dah. Keluar only to Carrefour, buying the necessary food and sometimes, my sweetest hubby skipped his lunch just to buy the whole chicken for us.

One of the conversations which will not be forgotten is… “Bee, kalau kita btol2 habes duit, kita nak mkn ape nak tunggu gaji ni?” then he replied “ kita makan megi u dah tak sanggup mkn megi dgn i?” uwaaaaa~ T_T “ of course I sangguppppp……”

From that moment, I started to realize that we need to earn MORE and I have to work. BUT…….if I have to start working, I need RM880 for the nursery..maybe some new office wear(since I cannot fit my old shirts and pants anymore after delivery.. lots of flabby here and there)..i need money for the petrol+food for daily working days and the amount needed is obviously A LOT!!!! Our car plak, dah patut hantar service..and this early of March, danial’s injection(another RM300+). Arghhhhhhhhhhhh~ how can we survive???

Then, I kept on thinking about joining a business with my friend, Farah. She has been trying to convince me to join her in business since last month and I wasn’t ready.

NOW.. I am more than ready to hear about the business plan. On Sunday morning, Feb 20th I met Hanis Haizi for the first time. I have been reading her blog and my friends’ on Premium Beautiful. My other TKC friends and several of my seniors are also doing well in this business. Lightning strike, and here I’m thinking maybe this is the RIGHT job for me.

NOW, HERE I AM!!! I’m joining the business!!~ yeayyy!~ surprisingly, I have all the supports from my mom, my in-laws and of course my dearest Mr Hubby and not to forget my friends!

Thank u Allah for the wonderful family and friends I have right now. And everyone convinced me to turn down the job offer that I got earlier so that I can give full commitment for the business. Now, I can look after my little precious boy myself and do the business..thats the BEST part of it.

Mommy loves u so much Danial! And we’re going to do this together with the help from the best mentor, Aunty Hanis ;)

So, u alls ..x teruja ke with this inspiring story?? Setahun buat business jer...NOW dah capai pangkat paling tinggi with income 5 figures solid gemuk-gemuk punye...

& even dah miliki her baby B

sangat-sangat kagum dengan Naa Kamaruddin
Start now or never
Naa & part of her Beautiful Circles
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